Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Storytelling in the Squared Circle: WWE RAW, 10 September 2012.

Wade Keller: "It is so sad to me that when real life health emergencies like last night's on Raw with Jerry Lawler, because WWE has reenacted the scene the night Owen Hart died so many times to sell storylines, that people don't know when it's real or not real, even when Cole stresses that "this is not part of tonight's entertainment." WWE should have never reenacted the distressed look on the faces of announcers that resembled the night Owen died to get across worked storylines, because the emails I'm getting asking "if this is real" would be less likely to be happening.

Once Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler delivered the sad, tragic news of the death of Owen Hart, WWE should have committed to never having the camera point at the announcers at ringside as they solemnly talked about a wrestler being hurt in an angle. It always left a bad taste in my mouth, and I've been critical of it every time it's happened in the last 12 years. It seemed like they were cashing in on the emotions of the night Owen Hart died, and almost trying to blur the line of reality and fiction to make Owen's death feel less real.

Pro wrestling should be able to draw without going so far with an angle that announcers need to delver somber news in a tone that resembles an announcement of someone dying."

Wade Keller, PWTorch:

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