Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Anxiety of Influence: Cheerleader Melissa

"Some more of those bully tactics that Cheerleader Melissa is known for -- known for the Air Raid Crash, a maneuver that she in many ways borrowed from Mariko Yoshida after that series of matches against her. And she also utilises the Kudo Driver, a trademark maneuver of Megumi Kudo -- the Cop Killer, known to fans of Homicide. She has only been able to hit that once on a competitor here in Shimmer competition, and that was Diaizee Haze in the main event of volume 7, and it earned Cheerleader Melissa that main event victory".

Dave Prazak on commentary lays out some lineage in Cheerleader Melissa vs "Dark Angel" Sarah Stock, Shimmer volume 11, Shimmer Championship Tournament Night One, 1 June 2007. Available from

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