Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mea Culpa: critical transgressions

"In between all the posing and TV drama posturing, there is one story that offers a hint of human depth..." (from Joss Whedon's 'Avengers' Reaches Apex of Averageness, True Believers at PopMatters).

"TV drama posturing"? Is that really a lazy summoning of television drama to indicate sub-par quality? What dope wrote that?

Uh... I did.

That dopey statement was a quick bit of draft shorthand that slipped into the final version without being properly contextualised or fleshed-out. It definitely wasn't supposed to suggest what it seems to suggest (that television is inherently a low quality medium), but that's how it ended up in the final piece. Rushed submissions are no excuse in the online age, so I thoroughly deserve any kicking I receive.

Hopefully my column of more that two years -- Retro Remote, devoted to highlighting the importance and value of television episodes through history -- shows that I don't necessarily mean all the dopey things I say.

"I'm all too familiar with my misguided words." (The I.T. Crowd, "Jen the Fredo", season 4 episode 1, 2010).

(No apologies for the review's snarky tone, though!)

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