Friday, June 24, 2011

Tough Talk 101: Have Gun - Will Travel, 'Ambush', 23 April 1960.

"Well, now, Devereaux, I have found your soft spot, haven't I? It has to play off your way, doesn't it? But you won't turn the wheel unless it's fixed. How many alleys you waited in, Devereaux? How many men you've shot in the back? Now this time you may be miscalculating. ... Oh, you won't miss this time. You'll hit me. But I'm fast, Devereaux. I'm very fast. And there's just a chance my finger might close over that trigger while I'm falling. Maybe, just maybe, the shot'll hit home. Odds are all on your side, but it isn't foolproof. Not like clubbing a man to death. Not like putting your gun to the back of his head!"

Paladin (Richard Boone) drills into Devereaux (Alan Dexter) in Have Gun - Will Travel 'Ambush' from 23 April 1960, Boone's third episode as director (repeating the theatrical enclosure of his second, 'Fight at Adobe Wells', and a definite step-up from his first, the clumsy 'The Night the Town Died').

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